Anticipate setbacks and have a Plan B ready. Instead of being ill-prepared and blindsided by setbacks, you can create an action plan for dealing with them. If you slip up for whatever reason -- learn from it or just let it go -- then re-commit to your goals. Creating a Plan B acts as an insurance policy for success.

Stretch your legs out to the sides, like a star. Do the same with your hands. Then you should start lowering down towards the front knee and reach out the closer arm towards the floor. When you're getting lower, look upwards and try to keep yourself that way.

Your goal has to be relevant to your values and the things that matter most to you. Your motivation to achieve your goal will be greater if it relates to your purpose.
Imagine how devastated you'll feel when you fail to lose weight -- again. Allow yourself to feel the bad feelings you'll have if you fail to accomplish your goals -- whether it's shame, sadness, frustration or anger. This can also motivate you to do whatever it takes to avoid that terrible experience for real.

Another way to blast that weight away in a week is to make vegetables your best friend. Eating vegetables will provide your body with much needed vitamins and minerals. Also the beauty of vegetables is that they are not very calorie dense, which means you can eat a large volume of them without taking in many calories but you still get that full feeling when you're done. Another great thing about vegetables is that they are high in fiber, something that no weight loss diet should be without.

Slimming pills come in a wide variety of brands and prices, so it's nearly impossible to say whether they are effective as a whole. It all depends on your body chemistry and the type of diet pill you are taking. Before you decide if you should try weight loss pills, you need to understand the different options that are available at stores and pharmacies. Most diet pills that are advertised on television tend to be over-the-counter and a smaller percentage are prescription medications. Although all-natural weight loss supplements are rarely advertised on TV, they can be found in most vitamin shops and health food stores.
You should be eating three low calorie meals during the day but don't forget to have two or three low fat snacks between meals. A common mistake dieters make is to eat too few calories during the day and then start binging late at night. Never skip breakfast and try to consume most of your calories before 7pm.

Today's Dr. Oz Show featured his list of the 5 best metabolism boosters geared to women over 40. Hormones can really slow your weight loss efforts and these boosters, vetted by the medical staff of Oz's show, are high on his list.*Konjac fiber (1 serving 30 minutes before meals): Konjac is an excellent source of fiber and either comes in capsules, powder or even as calorie-free noodles. You do need to make sure you drink lots of water with each serving of konjac fiber since it needs to easily slide through your digestive tract.