Drop the late night TV habit quickly! If your favorite TV serious is on later at night, try recording it so you can watch it earlier in the evening. It is easier to start over eating at night when you are sitting down watching the television. Keep physically active by working on a favorite hobby and giving in to your old habits of inactivity. Ads that focus on food can unknowingly trigger the impulse to eat and being bored can be one of the biggest dangers to late night eating.

Today's Dr. Oz Show featured his list of the 5 best metabolism boosters geared to women over 40. Hormones can really slow your weight loss efforts and these boosters, vetted by the medical staff of Oz's show, are high on his list.*Konjac fiber (1 serving 30 minutes before meals): Konjac is an excellent source of fiber and either comes in capsules, powder or even as calorie-free noodles. You do need to make sure you drink lots of water with each serving of konjac fiber since it needs to easily slide through your digestive tract.

There is a type of exercise that boosts your body's flexibility, requires minimum amount of extra hard work, and helps you lose weight. Yes, that exercise technique is called yoga.
Change your lifestyle: If you take the attitude that a weight loss diet and exercise plan are only required until such time as you reach your ideal weight, it's likely you will eventually pile the pounds on again. But if you learn to enjoy exercise and good food as part your new lifestyle routine, and overcome the emotional eating habits at the root of your previous behaviour, you will soon accomplish your goals far more easily than you ever thought possible.

Focus on possibilities -- not your limitations. Instead of arguing for your limitations, find ways to overcome your obstacles and support your potential. Raise the bar. Stretch yourself. Allow yourself to soar to new heights.
For example, your weight loss goal may be to fit into a cute outfit or get great abs. Your purpose may be to live a healthy life. Your purpose can be even more powerful if you connect it with something that matters most to you; for example, you may want to lose weight to live a healthy life and live longer to be with your loved ones.

Once you've made your decision to lose weight and you've set your goals, don't sabotage yourself by over-analysis and procrastination. Beware of the perfection trap where everything needs to be just right before you take action. Take baby steps toward making healthier choices today. It's self-destructive to wait much longer. Just start now -- you can fine-tune your strategies as you progress.
While reducing your calories and increasing your exercise are commonly thought to get rid of fat cells, they won't help when your problem is bloating.

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